On this page, I share experiences from my time in Eastern Europe and other exciting stories. It is a mixture of public diary and a blog about Eastern Europe and its people. Do not take things too seriously here since this is just a private project.

A street with a yellow tram.
Ukraine, August 2017

Discovering Eastern Europe

Since my exchange semester in St. Petersburg in 2012, I was several times in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. It is a region that simply fascinates me. In every street, you can feel at the same time the legacies of Socialism and the influence of local culture.


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After the YCCD fair with all the kids.
After the YCCD fair with all the kids.

EVS in Armenia

From October 2015 to August 2016, I was a European Volunteer in Dilijan, Armenia. That was a great experience for me! I met a lot of new people and worked with very motivated children in my clubs.


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Especially, there is one thing I really like when travelling different countries and meeting new people: discovering new music! When I used to live only in Germany, most time I listened to American, British or German mainstream pop or rock music. I do this still today. But as I met many people, specially from Eastern European countries, I got to know many kinds of new music from this regions. Here I will show you some of my favourite songs from different countries.