There is one thing I really like while travelling to different countries and meeting with new people. And this is discovering new music! When I used to live only in Germany, most time I listened to American, Britain or German mainstream pop or rock music. I do this still today. But as I met many people, specially from Eastern European countries, I got to know many kinds of new music from this regions. Here I will show you some of my favourite songs from different countries. ;)


Reincarnation: The first Armenian band I got to listen here in Dilijan. Usually I don't like Reggae so much, but this band is quite nice...

Ruben Hakhverdyan: A very popular singer-songwriter born in Yerevan in the 1950ies. Nice melancholic music :)

Iveta Mukuchyan: A candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest. A bit strange mix of pop and traditional Armenian style. But if you listen to this enough times, you get used to it...


Kino and Viktor Zoj: These kind of Soviet rock from the 1980ies I really like. Psychedelic and revolutionary at the same time!


Szymon Chodyniecki: This seems to be 'usual' Polish pop. But nonetheless a nice song and a great video, too :)


WellHello: To be honest. I don't know anything about this band :D but this song is very nice and I found it when I was searching for Hungarian music...


Okean Elzy: As far as I know the most popular Ukrainian rock band. And they are not just popular in Ukraine, but also in Russia and other post Soviet countries. Here one of my favourite songs...


J:MORS: This band from Belarus is a recommendation of а participant from a summer school I attended in 2014. Nice music :)



You should definitely watch this movie!