Kiev and Lviv 2017


I stayed for exactly two weeks in Kiev. That is quite a long time for just one city when you are travelling. When I started in Berlin, I even did not think to go to Kiev at all. I wanted to go via Odessa to Georgia and then to Armenia. But I changed my plans curtly and decided to stay in Ukraine's capital.

What I basically did during this two weeks, you can see on the right side. I tried different cafés and restaurants and even a new way of eating (more drinking) a soup.

But, of course, I also went for several walks in the centre of Kiev with its parks and many colourful buildings from the time of the Russian Empire.

If you know German, you should use the app offered by the Goethe-Institut called "Deutsche Spuren". And you will be able to find German (specially German-Baltic) history in Kiev. That was also a surprise for me!

One day, I visited the Kiev National Picture Gallery (its name until March 2017 was: Kiev National Museum of Russian Art) and was really fascinated by a lot of the painting shown there. Specially, the paintings by Ilya Repin and Vasily Tropinin impressed me a lot! The Ukrainian Wikipedia shows some paintings you can find in the gallery. But, of course, it is always better watching the originals ;)


In Lviv I met with Solomia and Oleg (see the picture on the right side), two students who participated in a school exchange where I had worked as a facilitator. They showed me a lot of interesting places in the centre of this beautiful town.

One of this place was "Lviv Handmade Chocolate" where another former student works. It is a really atmospheric place that combines chocolate production (handmade!), the sale of the produced chocolate and, of course, a café. No question, it is a place for tourists, but really worth visiting!

Since Lviv is situated in the deep West of Ukraine (close to the Polish border), people speak mostly Ukrainian with each other. In the public, you will hear Russian language not as much as for example in Kiev or Odessa.

I had a very nice experience in Lviv: Just when I arrived and just shortly before leaving to Kiev, I heard this great song of the Ukrainian band Okean Elzy:

View from the town hall of Lviv
View from the town hall of Lviv