Odessa 2018

In the beginning of 2018, I spent my second semester in a row abroad. After being from September to January in my second hometown St. Petersburg, I moved in February to Odessa, Ukraine. It might look strange to move from Russia to Ukraine in this times of war in the Donbas region. But there are still many people from Ukraine visiting their families and friends in Russia and vice versa. (I even took the bus from St. Petersburg to Kyiv and passed the Russian-Ukrainian border.)

The first weeks in Odessa were a bit hard because the city at the Black Sea with around 1 million inhabitants is neither as big and beautiful as St. Petersburg nor as small and cosy as let's say Bielefeld (where I finished my BA). But, of course, I also got to know the more pleasant sides of Odessa like the beaches, many different cafés with tasty food, and some of the beatiful parks around here.

Now it is already the end of May and last week, I finished my internship at the Department of Economic Development of the City Council of Odessa. That means I will have enough time for preparing for my exam at June 15. After that exam, I will immediately leave for Germany where new meetings and projects will wait for me ;)

Here can you see some more impressions from Odessa.