St. Petersburg 2017/18

Maybe you have already noticed that I have not just been once to St. Petersburg. And exactly five years after my first exchange semester there, I got the possibility to go again for five months to the cultural capital of Russia. While in 2012, I had been at the Faculty of Sociology of the St. Petersburg State University, this time, I spent my semester at the Economic Faculty (still at the same university).

This time, I lived in a shared flat with Nastya, Nastya, and Anna. (They are not on the pictures here.) We understood each other really well and we had a lot of great evenings together in the room that was kitchen, shower room and bathroom at the same time. During this period, I have been abroad three times: once to Germany in October and twice to Belarus in November. And every time coming back to St. Petersburg, I thought: "Yes, that feels like home." But nobody knows where I will settle down after finishing my studies ;-)