Impressions from Armenia and Caucasus


Here you can find photos taken in Dilijan, my hometown for one year ;)

In the subcategories you can also find photos taken during different seasons.

climbing tour

At the end of February two friends from Belarus and I were climbing up Dilijan's hills and enjoyed the great view over this sleepy and beautiful town.

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yccd fair

On July 9, we and our children made a really great event in the city centre of Dilijan. We introduced YCCD and specially its clubs to local children and played many games with them. When you see the smiling children on the pics here, you will understand how much fun it was for them :) and of course also for me ;)

1st of September: Day of Knowledge

Every year on September 1 all schools in Armenia (and also in other post-soviet countries) celebrate the start of the new school year. The day is also called "Day of Knowledge". And as the small girl on the picture all children are dressed very festively and have some flowers or balloons. Speeches are given, the children sing and dance and proud parents accompany their children at their first school day.

As usual in this patriotic country, patriotic elements can be found at this event as well. After a hand-picked pupil had hoisted the Armenian national flag, the national anthem was sung ardently by all the children. I do not wonder any more about such patriotic rituals, but for me it is still remarkable. But maybe such thoughts might be typical for a person coming from Germany :D

Here you can find more pictures I took during the event.

yccd dream team

Our team in YCCD is small but smart ;)

Here with friends from Belarus and Yerevan.

Discover more photos here.

clubs and classes

Here you can find photos with my very motivated participants of my German class, English club and European club.

europe day in yerevan

I, Anna and Daniela with a lot of food
I, Anna and Daniela with a lot of food

On June 5, there was a great event in Armenian's capital Yerevan: Europe Day. Here you can find a lot of impressions and see me teaching German Schuhplattler.


4 to 5 times in a week I go with my good friend Tigran in the morning to this nice gym place and do sports. Here you can see some impressions.

greetings from evs

During my EVS time I also met with other volunteers. Here two pics from the on-arrival-training in Georgia and our Christmas evening in Yerevan.


Mid of March we have been for the second time in Georgia to meet with other volunteers and talk about our EVS projects. Andrea, Roberta and I used this trip to stay two more days in Tbilisi and discover Georgian's capital! Find more...


Sometimes I played chess in the school that is also located in the centre. The photos took one of our most motivated local boys, Robert. Thank you! ;)

on the road

Pictures taken on the bumpy roads of Armenia...

self made (thanks to roberta for lending the camera!)

Thanks to Roberta I could try my hand at photographing with a professional camera. I hope you like it ;)

home sweet home

Take a look into our former flat!