September 1: School Start and Day of Knowledge

Every year on September 1 all schools in Armenia (and also in other post-soviet countries) celebrate the start of the new school year. The day is also called "Day of Knowledge". And as the small girl on the picture all children are dressed very festively and have some flowers or balloons. Speeches are given, the children sing and dance and many proud parents accompany their children at their first school day.

As usual in this patriotic country, patriotic elements can be found at this event as well. After a hand-picked pupil had hoisted the Armenian national flag, the national anthem was sung ardently by all the children. I do not wonder any more about such patriotic rituals, but for me it is still remarkable. But maybe such thoughts might be typical for a person coming from Germany :D

All the pictures were shot and edited by myself. (Thanks Artur for the camera!)