Videos from EVS

Here you can watch a video showing our YCCD activities fair from the beginning of July. It was a lot of fun for everybody - YCCD staff and of course also the children :)

This is a video about the dance festival that took place in Dilijan at June 1st. Most part of the video is dedicated to the children of the Dilijan Central School and the IdEA foundation because the Dilijan Community Center, that organized this event, belongs to the IdEA foundation. These kids were dancing Armenian traditional dances whereas the other children showed dances from Italy, Greece, Russia, Georgia and Brasilia.
If you wonder about the song the children sing at the beginning of the video... It is the Armenian national anthem.

Don't be surprised. It is not the same video than below. This video is made by Hermine and Anna, two very motivated participants of YCCD clubs.

With this emotional video Roberta said "Good bye!" after 6 months of EVS in Armenia, Thank you Roberta for the time you shared with us. I wish you all the best for the future!

Here is a video about my German Class! You can see some of my participants also talking in German.

I really like them all! :)

Thanks to Roberta and Aida for this great video!

These are Serine and Emma from my European Club. For the Malta presentation they prepared a video for David, a friend of mine from Malta who sent us a video from the island. Thank you very much Serine and Emma!

Enjoy ;)

Here you can see what happens every month at YCCD. Many different people, activities and a lot of fun!

First video about YCCD activities made by Aida. Great job! :)

New impressions from YCCD's clubs and classes ;)

YCCD's activities in March.

Many clubs and classes.

A lot of fun :)

Our activities in February! Enjoy ;)

Our activities from January. Have a look ;)

YCCD in November and December. Roberta's first video about YCCD's activities. Enjoy!