Voluntary Service

August 28th: Here you can see some pictures from my last week at work. I am happy that many children came for my last clubs and we had a lot of fun together!

August 18th: As I came earlier back from holidays than expected, I support YCCD during an international training for future tour guides from Armenia and Georgia. Next to the promotion in the social networks I am also responsible for taking some photos and videos. It is a lot of fun! :)

But tomorrow I will start working in the office because I have to prepare my last week at YCCD. Somehow a strange feeling. But I will leave already Armenia in around two weeks...

July 9th: Today we and our children made a really great event in the city centre of Dilijan. We introduced YCCD and specially its clubs to local children and played many games with them. If you see the smiling children on the pics here, you will understand how much fun it was for them :) and of course also for me ;)

I am also on this picture somewhere among these children :D
I am also on this picture somewhere among these children :D

June 25th: Since last week we also have a Game Club for Dilijan's youngsters. We play with the participants a lot of different games and it is much fun for everybody. At the same time the children also learn some English from me and I learn some Armenian from them ;-)

May: Unfortunately I didn't manage to show you something from my work in May. But on the left side you can see my new working place in the 'EVS corner'. After the departure of the Italian volunteers we rearranged the office a bit. This means that I can use one table just for me and my stuff. I like this a lot because I can leave all my papers and my laptop just on the desk and don't need to put it away every evening :)

In the end of April I stopped my English club and turned to individual English lessons. This offer is very popular and I have many participants between 10 and almost 30 years. I think I will introduce some of my participants soon ;)

April 27th: Last weekend Portugal was the country of the European Club. Here you can see the result of some posters created by the club's participants :)

March 12th: Today in the European Club we talked about the Netherlands. A big part was about Rembrandt's "The Night Watch". At the end I asked the participants to pose as the persons in this painting. I would say: great job! :)

Rembrandt's famous "The Night Watch" - by: Participants of European Club
Rembrandt's famous "The Night Watch" - by: Participants of European Club

End of February: These are Serine and Emma from my European Club. For the Malta presentation they prepared a video for David, a friend of mine from Malta who sent us a video from the island. Thank you very much to Serine and Emma! Enjoy ;)

January 31st: You may wonder why my last post about my voluntary service is already more then one month old. This is due to the heavy flue epidemic that we have right now in Armenia. The school holidays were extended for three more weeks and will just start tomorrow. This also meant that we had to cancel all our clubs and classes. Actually we started our activities already this week. But just in my English Class I had some participants.

So we used the free time for a few shots with our new YCCD jumper ;) On the first three pictures you can see Taguhi, she works with me together in the European Club and German Class. On the fourth one Aida, our project manager and Armenian teacher.

December 28th: The last European club session of this year was dedicated to Christmas traditions in different EU countries. The kids had a lot of fun and at the end we took this nice Christmas picture ;)

November 19th: Andrea, Roberta and I spent our last five days on the on-arrival-training (OAT) in Misaktsieli, Georgia. It was amazing! During these days we met many other volunteers from Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. It was really interesting to exchange one’s own motivations and experiences made so far in the host countries and host organisations. Beside the fact that we became aware of our own motivations, we could see that all the volunteers have very different aims and focuses.

Furthermore we got useful information about our and the hosting organisation’s duties and rights during the EVS project. At this time we had also the possibility to talk about current problems within our organisations.

Another point we discussed about were the cultural characteristics of Caucasian region and why it is important to be aware of such characteristics.

One highlight of our OAT was a traditional Supra. This is a really overwhelming diner with several courses of traditional Georgian dishes and tasty wines. During the Supra we could watch dancers performing impressive traditional Georgian dances.

After five days of working, discussing and thinking about our goals and the remaining time of our EVS we can say that this training was very useful and we have new motivation for our projects in Dilijan!

Participants of OAT
Participants of OAT

October 28th: This is the second week of being in Armenia and working at YYCD. I am already used to my daily working schedule and prepare my three classes for Saturday. As I wrote in my last post I started the European Club presenting about Germany. Unfortunately the children were a bit younger than I thought, so it took much effort to convince them of the importance of German history. But when we came to German cuisine, sport and economy they were really interested and participated in discussion. Fortunately I work together with Taguhi who translates my English presentation into Armenian language so that we can be sure that students will understand the content of each session.

On Saturday I will present about the fabulous Latvia :-) Further on Saturday we will start the English class and we are going to talk about Halloween ;-)

18th October: Yesterday I arrived in Dilijan and already met Artur, Aida and Erik - some of my new colleagues. They arranged a very warm (and tasty) welcome for me and we had a small talk about projects and work of the next months. Tomorrow the work in YCCD will start. Let's go! ;-)

During my EVS in Armenia I will support the Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan. This NGO offers seminars, workshops and classes in the field of non-formal education for the local and regional youth.


On their Facebook page, you can find more information.